The Momigraine

I mean...I guess it adds up that I would end another full-weekend-on-my-own-with-all-of-these-kids sporting a serious and intense migraine.  What was I thinking?!!  Chalk it up to my lack of planning.  I FELT I needed four kids.  I did not THINK about what 4 kids over 12 years would mean for my time, money and energy for the next...the rest of my life.  I just I knew I was not complete until that last one about COMPLETELY did me in, and, then, I FELT I could NEVER be pregnant again.  Since then, I have started enjoying other first negatives.  NOT having a toddler in the house for the first time in our married lives, for instance.  It is AMAZING the amount of things you can accomplish when you simply do not have a toddler tearing everything apart and continually threatening his own well-being.

But seriously...I know each one of these precious little lives are great blessings, and they did not come without cost on my part.  However, that doesn't mean I don't consider taking one out every now and then, either.  (Easy, people...I didn't say "strongly consider."  I lightly consider and then realize it isn't worth the jail time 😉😂 . Kidding.  Kidding.  I am ONLY kidding.)

I guess I'm feeling a bit snarky tonight.  #firewoman 🔥  (I do have a migraine, after all.)  'Cause it really hasn't been a bad weekend at all.  I had a dinner out with lady friends.  The boys had a sleepover. (Evan apologized that I had to wake up without him beside me.  And I am going to work really hard to recover from that.  😉😂❤) We finally got some rain over here in the new Midwestern Desert!  Even now I am hearing our second round alighting my windows (right after I VERY wisely mowed in between bouts...there is just SOOOO much work to do to maintain all of my projects!  🤦‍♀️).

Parenting, in general, is just exhausting some times.  I mean...I have NEVER missed being a teen-ager BEFORE I was a teenager.  But I have to admit, I've started to feel the pangs of reflection as my own teenagers roll out of bed around 3 or 4 bring me all of their dirty laundry...and then go back to their rooms to game and video chat all day.  Awesome.  I noticed my feet as I trudged through the mounds of work my princesses lay at them...I could be mistaken, but I swear I noticed they are vaguely starting to resemble pillars of salt!

But before you start to feel all sobby and sorry for me...I should tell you some positives.  More people in the house equates to more help, after all.  Just today I was able to ask Dillon to help his brother get some milk, because I was busy cleaning a nasty toilet...and who wants to stop THAT kind of fun to help a little guy get milk?!

Interlude: What is it about kids and moms and the horrible timing, anyway.  I make the perfect lunch at the perfect time (like NOON!) one is hungry, but as soon as I put the food away, walk out of the kitchen, get my hand on that toilet bowl brush, some little bleepity bleep is deathly parched and in DESPERATE need of a drink...STAT!  No patience provided.

Another fact: I could literally be alone in the house ALL DAY long, but if I decide to go to the bathroom or take a shower, SOMEONE, without fail requires my immediate assistance.  9 times out of 10, I start out a peaceful shower and end it po'd and screaming like a madwoman, "I CANNOT HEAR YOU JUST WAIT UNTIL I GET OUT!!" Fun's over, my friend.  Parenting is NOT for the faint of heart.

Interlude concluded.

Of course, I should mention that, rather than decreasing it, having Dillon get the milk actually increased my workload because some "idiot" (his words, not mine), thought it was smart to put the yogurt in front of the milk, so that when Dillon went to get said milk, half the container dumped all over the refrigerator and floor.  So, guess who got to calm down his rage AND clean up the mess.  Yep, your numero uno right here.  Kristen Shanna in the flesh.

But, again...don't listen to me complain.  I have a tendency to exaggerate.  And I have a work trip this week.  I'll go away for a couple of nights and be missing them beyond compare within the first hour.  😉  Such a flighty and fickle little butterfly...these emotions of mine.

Parenting is not for the birds.  LIFE is not for the weak and feeble.  I remain grounded in gratitude and contentment...perhaps with a little bit of sarcasm on to have some small pleasures, right?!

Happy Weekend, my homies!  Let's pray for a joyful weak.  Cheers!