Homeschool Blog: 2/6/2012

I can't seem to get it together lately.   No posts last week.  It was too chaotic.  I know we got about 20 hours, which put us about a week (28 hours to be exact) ahead of schedule.  (Since I planned to have 500 hours by the end of January.) 

That is good, because I like to get out earlier in May.  If we keep this pace, we'll be done after the third week.  We will probably push in March and April so we can be done by the first week or two in May.  ...we'll have plenty of gardening to do to occupy us by then.

I thought I would catch a little Q.T. by dropping the kids at my mom's on Friday, since the last few weeks have been a crunch.  My tire blew out on the highway coming home!  Never fear, I made it to the off-ramp, and got a friend to wake up Matt and come rescue me.  However, the tire was shot.  I spent my time off changing a spare and sitting at Wal-Mart, waiting for a new tire.  Bummer! 

It worked out okay.  I got to chat with a nice chaplain from a local hospital.  Everyone was in a good mood and very friendly.  I took my knitting.  It was peaceful enough...just not quite what I would have preferred.  But...that seems to be the story for the last few weeks.  I feel like I'm riding on some sort of a stray horse-drawn wagon, and I can't get control of the reigns.  C.R.A.Z.Y.!!

We managed to get in a full day today.  Matt was here to help. 
Bible - Devotions.  Prayer.  Journals.
Writing - Spelling practice workbooks.  Free write project.
Math - Daily workbook.  The girls read Math-terpiece together. (Pretty cool book!)
Reading - Quiet read.
Science - I read to the girls The Secret Life of Snowflakes.  (Very cool science book on the details and facts about snowflakes.  Amazing photo images!)
Art - Xander had art lessons.

5 credits for Eden.  6 for Xander.