Homeschool Blog: 2/10/2012 I treasure you. 

I have too much in too many spots, and I LOVE it that way.  I think I thrive when I have an abundance of things to do.  Of course, then, I also get easily overwhelmed, and sometimes I just have to stop with all the business.  Then, I take a break. 

Keeping my priorities structured is hard.  Sometimes, I tend to let them slide in the wrong direction. 

I HAVE to remind myself...the kids are #1 right now.

I was about to lose my mind with them last night.  Really just the little one.  My children (at least the eldest and the youngest) tend to get wound up when they are sick.  I can honestly predict an illness by their behavior.

Last night, little man, who is dealing with some respiratory junk, was bouncing off the walls at 1 a.m.  The rest of us had done everything we could to get him to go to sleep.  Nothing worked...down to turning of everything: computer, tv's, lights, etc.

I ended up using the last three strategies I could muster to get him to lay down:
1) Triaminic Cold
2) A Phone Call from his Daddy
3) Shutting him in his bedroom for 10 minutes (with only the night light)

Voila!  Better late than never, he finally crashed.  Of course, I had to stay up until 2 a.m. to recover.  UGH!

So, we took it pretty easy today.  In fact, it is 6:20 p.m. and we are still working.  We played a little, worked a little, took turns working and playing with Dillon...but all-in-all, we'll knock out this last day of a full week of homeschool!

Writing:  Xander and I started working on a website.  She's going to add some pages to my ( site.

The girls both did spelling tests and practiced the next list.

Reading: Each of the girls spent time quiet reading today.

Math: They worked on their daily math books and their skills books.  (We aren't even close to finishing them.  I'm thinking about having them continue through the summer, if they can move on to the next level next year.  Hmmm???  We'll see.  Maybe a page a day kind of thing.)

Science: We are going to read a facts book about color.

Bible:  We are going to do a bible study together as a family.

Happy Friday, Homies!