Homeschool Blog: 1/19/2012

I had enough kids in the house to be the Brady Bunch tonight.  It was a pleasant kind of chaos, watching a little fireball-ette chase my son around while making little kissing sounds...SWEET!

Despite the fact that I had to deal with a bit of drama today, we were able to get in a full day of homeschool before our little friends came over.  (Thank God, Matt was here and was willing to set aside the morning from working on the family room to help me cope AND manage school.)

I started the girls with quiet read and working on their Phineas and Ferb writing projects firs tthing.  Then, Matt and I took turns helping them complete a page in their math skills books.  I did a bible devotion with them (from curriculum provided by our church) on faith and Isaiah 40.  Matt read to them a libarary book about India for social studies...and they chose to crochet for their art credit.  (Of course, they also worked on a knot blanket with their crafty friends.)

That made for a 6 credit day!