Homeschool Blog: Tuesday 1/24/2012

Dare I say it's been a refreshing day?!  I was so overwhelmed by the afternoon yesterday, that I thought I was going to lose it.  We had a potentially busy schedule last night, and we are in the middle of way too many projects (some pressing, some not as pressing but important). 

Matt, however, put all things aside (and the kids were good) and gave me a break.  I geeked out on a new website I am designing for a friend.  Ahhhh!  For some women, it's a nice shopping trip, or a luxurious bubble bath.  For me, it's pair of knitting needles or a great computer program.  The world needs nerds, too!

The 4-hour refreshment has carried me through into today.  Plus, Matt was home much of the day to help me balance homeschool:

Reading: I had the girls spend time reading to each other.
Writing: They each completed a couple of pages in their spelling books, and spent some time on a writing project.  Xander also practiced her typing lessons.
Math: They worked in a section their daily practice books and a page in their skills books. 
Social Studies: They did the work they were supposed to do yesterday (but didn't quite get to) with their dad. 
Art: Eden had art lessons.
Music: Xander played piano.