Homeschool Blog 1/23/2012

Oh, thank God for good husbands. 

I held it together.  I held it together today.  I held it together...well, mostly.

I woke up at 3 a.m.  (Really?!) My time was very productive, but by the time the kids were rolling out of bed, I was ready to crash.  I got it all situated to make progress on our homeschool work and squeeze in a little nap, but boy was it little (and frequently interrupted), and man was I a C.R.A.N.K when I had to get up!

Fortunately, God heard my prayers.  He pulled some sort of patience out of His hat, and doused me with a bit.  And I was able to hold it together (mostly) until Super Matt came to the rescue (i.e. he is finishing the homeschool work while I have shut myself in my room to play on the computer and blog and knit).  Oh, how I LOVE that man!

When it is all said and done, we will have accomplished much:

I read individually with each of the girls.  They read to me, and I read to them.  Then, they finished up another reading credit that we started this weekend (listening to a Judy Moody book on c.d.). 

I had them (very unsuccessfully) rotate keeping Dillon occupied and working on writing projects, while I took a "nap."  Eden finished up her Phineas and Ferb comic.  Xander added to hers and worked on a card to a friend.  Then, we edited her work together.

I worked on math, both daily and skills books, with Xander, and Matt is working with Eden.  Then, he is going to read to them more about India for social studies

Xander has Art lessons tonight, and Eden already got her computer credit with Dillon.

I'm going to try to work in a Bible devotion before bed (though I usually like to start with this!) 

So, we should end the day with 7 credits each!

Happy (Hectic) Monday!