Homeschool Blog: 1/20/2012

Easy, fun-filled day at Edge Gymnastics with the kids.  We tore them out of bed to rush to pack and deliver sacks full of snacks for kids at a local public school who might otherwise go hungry over the weekend (i.e. "Backsnacks").  VERY REWARDING!

Then, we raced to the open gym, where the (and our friend Flat Jacob) climbed on beams, jumped on trampolines, and enjoyed being together with their friends.

I came home and crashed.  Dillon is STILL asleep!  (I may be in for a long night.)  We may do reading or something for credit tonight or in the next few days, but for now, we'll call it a mildly successful homeschool week.  (Hey, we got in 17 credits...that's better than none.)

Happy weekend!