Homeschool Blog: 1/18/12

We opened up the evening division of homeschool today!  I seriously started at about 6 p.m. 

It seems crazy, and I know I can't do it everyday.  But today, I sincerely needed to craft all morning.  I was working on a project my mother-in-law gave me, and I just had to finish up and get it up to the little shop where I sell things.

Then, one thing after another, and we were cleaning up from dinner. 

I had to get really creative to jumpstart school at 6 p.m., so I brought out Boggle and pretended I was just going to play myself.  This, of course, piqued Xander's interest, and we were all three playing in no time: Spelling...check!

I've been neglecting the area of free write over an intense daily spelling workbook.  I had the idea to do a free writing session and then spend some time editing their work in context...just trying to keep a balance.  It turned out really well.  Though they complained at first, they both took hold of the assignment and were begging for extra time.  (And they began INCREDIBLE Phineas and Ferb stories.  I hope I'll have time to take a picture and load it up here soon...maybe I'll wait until they are done.)  Eden's is arranged like a cartoon book.  Since, she only writes a little, she has to be creative by including short sentences or phrases in thought bubbles, and tells the rest of the story through her illustrations.  Pretty amazing for a 6-year-old!  (Of course, I'm not biased at all...)  Writing...check!

Then, I pulled out the Tangrams and did a little Math one on one with the girls.  We solved one puzzle together each, and then I sat with each while she completed a page in her math skills book.

I planned to do more, but enough was enough.  I put them in bed with some self-selected reading books from the library and told them to Quiet Read themselves to sleep. 

Nighty Night...planning on day school tomorrow.  But...then again...who knows.  We kind of have to work around the chaos here.