November 22 - November 26, 2010

The Hub - My devoted husband
The Sisters - Nature Girl (our eldest) and The Artist (our youngest daughter)
Little Man - Our infant son

Monday 11/22/2010

Can somebody say, "Ahhhhhhh!" Sunday was a better day. I feel a little more restored. Still a bit on edge, but not so spewing-at-the-mouth, can't-take-another-ounce-of-weight. And I didn't say one nearly as many inappropriate things today. (At least it was all aimed at The (very forgiving) Hub.

I got an e-mail from a dear friend Saturday night. She had read last weeks blogs and was concerned enough to pray and follow-up with an e-mail. I got it as I was putting Little Man to bed, and guess what?! He slept all night. Plus, I didn't feel so alone as I was the ONLY one awake to put him to sleep (Direct attack, I KNOW you are reading this, too, HUB! ;)

The bad thing is...he has gotten into the habit of crying to get out of bed, so he can run around like a maniac and get spoiled with The Wiggles. So, Sunday night was rough, because The Hub and I had differing opinions on why he was not just going to sleep. However, when he did the same thing tonight, I finally had to cave. The stubborn little guy cried for AN HOUR straight. It broke my heart, "Mama! Daddy!" (Yes, I AM a pushover! As our pastor recently said, I am supposed to be the Nurturer, and that's why The Hub is here to be the Nudger.)

I guess The Hub was right, because he IS asleep now, and we didn't even bicker. I chose to seal my tongue...proof that I'm not so on edge as I was last week!

As for homeschool, we had to be a little creative. The In-Laws took us to McDonald's for The Hub's and Nature Girl's birthdays. Since the kids hadn't had baths in DAYS!, we chose to clean them. Getting ready took much of the morning, and I decided to make them clean their room before we left.

After lunch, we went to the library for a Language Arts credit. We picked out books, which they read during Quiet Read. One of the books was about making paper airplanes, so they read and worked to build and test airplanes for Science (Nature Girl got interested in this when The Hub offered her $100 if she could fly a paper airplane into a keyhole a few days ago! She tried again tonight, with the help of her "research book"...She claims she won, but she REALLY stretched the rules.)

Both girls also did a bit of work in their Math books. (Nature Girl started division today, which caused her to say, "I hate school." Oh, that's a slap in the face! If she only knew...)

We finished off the day with one of Nature Girls' birthday presents...embroidery floss for Friendship Bracelets (Art)...can you believe it? She doesn't typically have the patience to invest that kind of time. We'll see if she gets any done. She can throw me sometimes. Especially if she gets passionate!

AHHH!...5 credit day!

Tuesday 11/23/10

Wow! The Hub and I met Treasured One's dad today. Heartbreaking! It was a relief to get more of the story, from his perspective. It was precious just to be present and show our sympathy and regret. He even gave me a dvd of the memorial he had for his son! And he brought a huge poster Treasured One had made with a cross and a Christian poem on it. Then, he offered ME the poster! I was in tears as I pictured Treasured One's hands making this, and I am so honored to hang it in my house. I know the perfect spot!

We had lunch together in my favorite restaurant, and at the end we got to pray together. It was a special moment...wish he'd been there, too... :(

I didn't get much homeschooling done today. It takes too long to get a family of 5 ready to go, and by the time we got home, I was done for the day. We downloaded Netflix to our Wii and watched a movie together.

We did manage to make and write 3 Thank You cards for Nature Girls' birthday. So, I'm giving them an Art credit and a Writing credit.

2 credit day...Oh well!

Wednesday 11/24/10
Well, we didn't get much done today, but what we did accomplish was probably more valuable than many classroom days. I decided to bake my pies before The Hub went to work. I knew things would be too hectic tomorrow.

I was really only planning to make two (one for me to take and one for The Hub to take to work), but I made a third...The Hub decided he really needed one that he didn't have to share. :) He LOVES pumpkin pie.

The Sisters generally enjoy helping me bake (though Nature Girl is showing less interest in the last year or so). However, I often end up messing up when I involve them, and I didn't want to mess up the pies I was going to be sharing with others. So, I kind of neglected to tell them I was baking.

The Artist, who is COMPLETELY into baking, soon found me out and wanted to get her hands in on my pie crust. So, I got clever...I gave her a bowl of her own, and I halved her ingredients (then, did the same for Nature Girl and invited her to participate). I let them have free reign on making their pie crust, and they just followed my lead. All of the crusts turned out better! Score one for ME!

They each got a credit in Life Skills.

The rest of the day just disappeared. I'm really not sure where it went...a knitting lesson here, a phone call there...dinner and Poof! It's over. A one credit day. We're going to have to get back on track one of these days, but I'm not going to worry about it until Monday. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!