November 15-19, 2010

Monday 11/15/2010

Yes, I missed a week's worth of logging. It is frustrating to realize my own humanity and imperfection! On my behalf, the last two weeks have been CRAZY. The Hub's work schedule is chaotic, and so has been the rest of our lives: from helping friends with childcare to painting the Mario room. (I'm glad I have involved a talented - and persistent - friend, or I would have given up on that one by now!) This Friday is Nature Girls' birthday, and we've been trying to get it done. Today, I HAD to get back into some semblance of a routine.

Bible: Elevate Family TLC curriculum.

Reading: The Sisters each read aloud to me individually.

Spelling: They worked in their Spectrum spelling books.

Math: Nature girl worked on 2-digit multiplication. She seemed to have regressed, but I know it has to do with the fact that she is not feelig well and was not in the mood to work today. I will have her do corrections tomorrow and then retest her.

The Artist worked on basic addition and subtraction families in her math book.

Art: Nature Girl is taking Art lessons from my friend. She had homework from last Tuesday that she had yet to complete, so I had her work on it. The Artist did it, too. They copied their favorite line from one of their favorite books and copied the illustration. Nature Girl didn't seem to put too much effort into it...same as Math. I'll come down harder if she's still doing this when she is feeling better.

5 credit day.

Tuesday 11/16/2010

Well, I barely made it through the day and then I finally had a breakdown. Our world has been TOO chaotic. The Hub's schedule, my responsiblities, and the kids' behavior has been off the wall. I can't tell if it is from being too busy, just being off schedule...and, of course, mommy guilt always makes me wonder if it's something I'm doing wrong.

Nature Girl is sick. Considering we didn't get much of anything done last week, I felt like we needed to push through, but I just couldn't force it. I ended up (Reading) with The Arist. (She can sound out a few small readers now!) I also had them both play Memory and Guess Who for Math credit. Nature Girl worked in her (Art) closet for a really long time, so I counted one credit. I also gave them both a credit for imaginative play. They were playing well, creating all of these fun Mario stories with their little figurines. So, I gave them a story writing credit for Language Arts.

3 credits...

When Little Man was still up at midnight for the third night in a row (he's usually such a good sleeper!), I finally lost it. All of my aggression and anger came out in daggers at The Hub when he called tonight. I feel like such a jerk...and a failure, but I'm holding tight to grace and forgiveness!

Wednesday 11/17/2010

Are you kidding me?! We had a HORRIBLE night! Little Man went to sleep at midnight and was up by 5:30 (and a few times in between). I wanted to cry.

I ended up putting some toys in his crib. That helped for about an hour. Then, I took my laptop into his room and turned on the Wiggles. (He is obsessed with The Big Show.)...Hey, sometimes you've got to do what works!

When The Hub got home, I didn't even turn to look at him. I just said, "We had a bad night" and gave him a brief explanation. He commented about The Wiggles in Little Man's room and left. I fell asleep comforted that I knew he was going to watch Little Man and let me sleep a little before he went to bed.

Do you know what I found when I awoke 2 1/2 hours later? The Hub had not only let me sleep, he had cleaned the living room and kitchen, so it was spotless! AND he brought me home a HUGE coke!!!!! I'm about to cry just writing it.

I had to apologize about my explosion last night, and he so easily forgives me...He said he just put on his "bulletproof vest." Thank God I have such a devoted, compassionate husband!

Later, I was trying to force school, and The Artist threw up all over the kitchen floor (and the curtains). I just had to laugh it off, and then I decided The Sisters were going to just lay down ALL DAY. The funny thing? By doing bits and pieces here and there, we ended up getting a full credit day. It was actually easy!

Reading: We are reading the book Ramona Quimby, Age 8. I read aloud a chapter.

Spelling: We played several rounds of Boggle (revising the rules to make them less competitive.

Computer: I give them one credit a week for their time on the computer. They each played animal jam.

Math: Nature Girl worked on 2-digit multiplication corrections (and did much better!) The Artist worked on making and reading graphs.

Bible: They watched a Veggie Tales video we got from the library.

5 credit day!...Tomorrow is The Hub's birthday, and he has 6 days off in a row. I am desperate for recuperation and time with my best friend!

Thursday 11/18/2010 Happy Birthday, Dear Loyal One!

Today was The Hub's birthday. We had 3 sick kids, but we managed to escape for 1 1/2 hours to go to Culver's. (He got a 15 dollar meal...hey, we're a simple folk.) We were both so exhausted (him, from the crazy schedule; me, from managing a sick house on my own for the last 72 hours) we were in bed and asleep by 10:00 (several hours early for us.)

I made the kids rest all day long, hoping to get them well enough for Nature Girl's birthday party. (Though we did take her shopping to spend some of her birthday was my only idea for compensating for the play and sleepover she had to miss today because of her fever.)

So far, as of the afternoon, we are fever free. It is a miracle we hope remains through tomorrow night.

Friday 11/19/2010 Happy Birthday, Nature Girl!

We are a ship in a storm, and I feel as though I am barely holding it together. Today was rough...very sad for Nature Girl, but the evening was better than the day. The Artist was perky and wonderful, but Nature Girl was weak and emotional. She stubbed her toe (two times!) and was fairly certain she broke it (both). She said it was the "worst birthday ever." I just held her and gave her all the love I could.

Needless to say, I did not force school work. I'm sure I could count 3 credits of P.E. for running around and bouncing on the moonwalk equipment. And she's worked on drawing and crafts A least 2 credits worth of Art. I'm really more concerned with getting core credits, because I know we'll be fine with the extracurricular, but I'll probably count these anyway.

They were barely fever free for 24 hours, but despite all of the potential party-crushing moments, we were able to carry on with the birthday plans. The kids ended up having a lot of fun, and Nature Girl was pleased by the end of the night. (I'm glad we took the time to pray together about it during the height of the day.)

I am writing on Saturday, by the way...I really mean that I am barely holding it together. I can't seem to control my tongue: I told my mother in law her idea was "lame"! (It's a long story...she was asking if The Hub would put up her Christmas lights when we came over to celebrate his birthday. So, it REALLY was a lame idea, but I can't BELIEVE I said that. Thank God she is tough skinned and forgiving.)

Then, I went off on a tangent with my friends at the birthday party and even cursed! Starting to think I am losing it!" Thank God HE is forgiving and patient, and I'm not judged by every imperfection of my flesh.

Again, on my behalf... Little Man has been tough lately. Would you believe extreme hyperactivity is THE number one sign that my kids are sick? He goes from extremely hyper to extremely fussy, and he's not sleeping well. I'm sure I'm overly stressed and tired. (Hey, I'm human. I can only take so much. And I feel like I'm breaking under the weight right now.)

I am writing on Saturday...last night he LITERALLY did not go to sleep. He was up until 6 a.m.! We tried everything from Wiggles to extra bottles to moving him into our bed. He was happy and hyper much of the night, bouncing on my bed and squealing, pushing the nipple into his full bottle and dumping the water all over me and my bed...(Thank God The Hub was home to share my misery! He's been rough like that a lot lately, and I've been on my own.)

I finally took him to the doctor today. He had a raging ear infection. I suspect he's had it for 4 or 5 days, poor little guy. In desperation, we opted for a shot. I sneaked a Hershey's kiss from the receptionist (LOVE our kids' doctors office...they know us by name.) He cried for about 10 seconds and was quickly distracted by the chocolate and a toy reward.

We are catching up on sleep and taking it easy the rest of the weekend. Probably going to miss out on our beloved church tomorrow. (I always count church as 2 credits, by the way). Pray for peace over us!