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Planting Schedule Posted!


February 21, 2012


Check out the new PLANTING SCHEDULE on pdf!


Wellies by Simon Howdon at FreeDigitalPhotos.netAmidst major unmentionable sewer problems, and a last minute decision to spend an equally unmentionable sum of money on removing 4 trees...unrelated to the sewer problem...


I have managed to prepare for posting our 2012 PLANTING SCHEDULE. I based all of my information for planting in Missouri on the Missouri University extension website. They provide a lot of helpful planting information and much more!


Our part of Missouri is in the planting zone 5-6, so this schedule should be similar for anyone in that zone.


I would love to hear your !




STAY TUNED: I just made a small greenhouse out of recycled materials. Plans to come soon!

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