Free Knitting Pattern:

Cotton Dress with Single Strand

August 20, 2012

I introduced my original cotton dress knitting pattern to a friend and fellow knitter. She was getting ready to move from the midwestern U.S. to Zambia, Africa, where she thought she could use the pattern to 1) make dresses for the children 2) teach some of the Zambian women to knit. Needless to say, she took hold of the pattern, made it her own, and went on a knitting frenzy!

In return, she graciously allowed me to post her updated version of the dress. I think she used up every bit of scrap yarn in the dresses she made, and I think the results are bold and fun!

The dress takes a little longer to knit with a single strand, but it results in a lighter weight material...more options!


Dress Size: 4-6 T

Finished Measurements: approximately 12 inches across top; 24 inches long

Needles: US size 7 circular (for dress body) and US size 5 straight or double pointed (for straps)

Yarn: mercerized cotton, such as Lily Sugar 'n Cream or Peaches and Creme

How to Knit a Cotton Dress - Single Strand Instructions

1. Cast on 92 stitches. Join round.

2. K 1 round

3. P 1 round

4. Repeat rounds 1 and 2 four times.

5. K 23 rounds.

6. M1, k46, m1, k to end.

7. K 6 rounds.

8. M1, k47, m1, k to end.

9. K 6 rounds

10. Continue increasing every 7th round, as established 13 more times. (At this point, you will knit 60 stitches in between increase.)

11. K6 rounds

12. *K 1 round, p 1 round.* Repeat * to * 5 times more.

13. Bind off.


Knit Two Straps:

With US size 5 needles, cast on 6 stitches. Knit in stockinette stitch (k 1 row, p 1 row) for 36 rows. Bind off.



Sew in loose ends. Lay dress flat, with increases even on the sides. Pin straps in place and sew.


Happy Knitting!