Free Knitting Pattern:

Bath Mitt and Soap Sack in Scalloped Pattern


Perfect to hold your soap and hang in the shower, this scrubbie is also designed to fit on your hand. It makes a very versatile gift!


  • US Size 7 needles
  • Cotton Yarn, such as Lily Sugar and Cream

Scalloped Pattern:

P2, *s1, k2, psso*, p2.

K2, *p1, yo, p1*, k2.

P2, *k3, p2*, p2

K2, *p3, k2,* k2


  1. Cast on 52 stitches.
  2. Repeat scalloped pattern 11 times.
  3. Knit 10 rows SS.
  4. Bind off.
  5. Make a loose crochet chain about 35 stitches (or a 10 inch i-cord). Add tassles to the ends of the tie. Weave the tie into the open spaces of the top scalloped pattern.


  1. * * - Repeat from * to * until the last two stitches.
  2. s - slip stitch knitwise (See video instruction.)
  3. psso - pass slipped stitch over (video)
  4. yo - yarn over (video)



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