Free Online Games and Interactives





Color with Leo. Interactive art site targeting preschool and lower elementary.


National Gallery of Art Kids. Direct link to the kids page, which includes interactive art projects.






Arcademics. Comprehensive skills and facts practice in math, geography, language arts and typing.


Fun Brain. Reading games, math games and just plain fun!


Gudli. Games and printables on various topics covering all subjects. Emphasis in early elementary and younger.


Kaboose Funschool. Various interactive games. Brainy, strategy and word games and more.


The Kidz Page. Brainy games, math games, word games, puzzles and more.


Learning Games for Kids. Comprehensive site with games, videos and trivia covering language arts, math, science and social studies.


Play Kids Games. Cool geography maps. Math and language arts games, and more.


Sheppard Software. Interactive games in vocabulary, science and math.


Up to Ten. Puzzles, mazes and silly songs for children ages ten and younger. Sorted by age.




Language Arts


ABC ya. Games in language arts and math, too. Sorted by grade level and subject.


Power Typing. Free typing games and practice.






Cool Math Games. My kids' favorite. Silly little strategy games, brainy games and more.


Hooda Math. Similar to Cool Math games, includes a variety of strategy games and some skills practice.


Learning Games for Kids. Comprehensive site with games, videos and trivia covering language arts, math, science and social studies.


Math Fact Cafe. Choose from customized or pre-made facts "sheets" and let the kids practice interactively online.


Math Games Online. Interactives for a comprehensive variety of math topics. Includes videos, worksheets, quizzes and more. Various games to practice multiplication facts.


The Problem Site. Various math strategy and word games.


Prongo. Math games, brainy teasers and more. Sorted by age levels.






Making Music Fun. Direct link to the interactive games on one of my new favorite sites.






Animal Jam. National Geographic's interactive website, a virtual world with chatting capabilities. Supervision suggested.


Fun Gooms. A silly little site for babies and toddlers. Entertains and teaches basic computer skills.


Nick Jr. Fun and educational games based around your kids' favorite Nick Jr. characters.


PBS Kids. Fun and education games based around your kids' favorite PBS characters.



Suggested Books

  • The Holy Bible by God
  • A Mom Just Like You by Vickie Farris

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